Counseling & Gear Up

Welcome to our counseling department. The information on our webpage is designed to assist our students during their four years of high school. The counselors provide support to our students, parents, and guardians in four major areas: Academic, College and Career Planning, Personal, and Social.

Counselors work with students, parents, guardians, staff and the community to provide resources, support, and other pertinent information in these for areas.

The philosophy of the Counseling Department is that all students have the ability to learn and be successful students. Each students will be treated with the utmost respect. Students will have equal access to educational opportunities that are appropriately demanding and that prepare them for success in high school and beyond.

Our counselors will assist students in becoming independent, self-actualizing, life-long learners.

As you see, there is a great deal of information. We would encourage all parents and guardians to meet with counselors to make sure your student is on track for graduation and taking classes which will assist them in reaching their post-secondary goals.

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Counselor Curriculum



Becky Bafia

Lead Counselor-Class of 2024 (currently 10th gr/sophomores)

Sandra Kaluau

Counselor-Class of 2023 (currently 11th gr/juniors)

Christine Ramey

Counselor-Class of 2022 (currently 12th gr/seniors)

Erin Hofmann

Counselor-Class of 2025 (currently 9th gr/freshmen)

Mindy Seymour

Gear Up Coach

KenJuan Lockhart

Gear Up Coach

Laura Escalera

Guidance Admin. Assistant/ 623-386-9733

Jill Brown


Joy Provence

Mental Health Counselor