Dear Parents, 

We are so excited to have students returning to school starting Oct. 12, 2020 for our hybrid model.  We look forward to seeing student’s faces and see learning happen in a live setting after our distance learning start of the school year.  Please click the link for Hybrid Learning to answer any questions you have regarding this transition.

As continued partners, we ask you to continue to work as a team with your child’s teachers in guiding and supporting their learning through this new model.  You can help your child by ensuring they:

  1. Attend school daily whether in person or at home, they arrive on time and stay engaged for the entire class period.
  2. Complete all assignments on time and prepare for assessments
  3. Contact teachers in situations where your child needs additional support
  4. Have the support to be Future Ready – whichever path they choose for college or career. 

Thank you and I look forward to serving you in the area of academics throughout the rest of the year

Mrs. Kimberly Heinz

Academic Assistant Principal

Kimberly Heinz